Experimental seed farm "Berezanskoye" of the Department for Production and Technological Activities of the Federal State Budgetary Research Center VNIIMK

8 (86142) 51-89-3

The main directions of breeding and scientific work

  1. Scientific support for the production of original, elite, and reproduction seeds of oil crops, for the production of genetically pure seeds of sunflower lines and hybrids.
  2. Development of high-precision, environmentally acceptable, cost-effective, resource-saving technologies of primary and industrial seed production, technologies of marketable production of oil and essential-oil crops for different soil and climatic zones of the Russian Federation.


The address: 14 Pionerskaya street, vil. Novoberezansky, 353156, Korenovsky district, Krasnodar region, Russia

Tel.: 8 (86142) 51-89-3

Е-mail: ocx@vniimk.ru

Full name: Experimental seed production farm “Berezanskoye”

Short name: Farm “Berezanskoye”

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