A branch of V.S. Pustovoit All-Russian Research Institute of Oil Crops

Experimental seed farm "Berezanskoye" of the Department for Production and Technological Activities of the Federal State Budgetary Research Center VNIIMK

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The grain farm «Berezansky» was established in 1932 with the assignment of 25 thousand hectares of land. In 1958 the grain farm was transformed into an experimental seed production farm «Berezanskoye» of the All-Russian Research Institute of Oil Crops.

The farm’s land is a compact land area located in the northeastern part of the Korenovsky district with a total area of 17 072 hectares.

The farm «Berezanskoye» is specialized in sunflower, soybean, rapeseed, mustard, and winter wheat seed production.

The farm is diversified, has a comprehensive crop rotation of grain, industrial and fodder crops on 15 thousand hectares of arable land, and has one thousand cattle and up to 1.5 thousand pigs.

The main directions of breeding and scientific work

  1. Scientific support for the production of original, elite, and reproduction seeds of oil crops, for the production of genetically pure seeds of sunflower lines and hybrids.
  2. Development of high-precision, environmentally acceptable, cost-effective, resource-saving technologies of primary and industrial seed production, technologies of marketable production of oil and essential-oil crops for different soil and climatic zones of the Russian Federation.

About branch

Bliznyuk Alexander Petrovich

The farm has five departments. The machine yards of all the departments are equipped with workshops and hangars for machinery. 450 people involved in all the sectors form the backbone of the farm’s production forces. 105 tractors and 16 combine harvesters, 60 cars enable to harvest yield on time.

The best released hybrids and varieties of oil crops are grown here.

The consumers of elite sunflower seeds from the farm «Berezanskoye» include all of Russia and several foreign countries.

For many years, the farm has been growing seeds of high reproductions of winter grain crops, cultivating more than 20 varieties.


The address: 14 Pionerskaya street, vil. Novoberezansky, 353156, Korenovsky district, Krasnodar region, Russia

Tel.: (86142) 51-89-3

Е-mail: ocx@vniimk.ru

Full name: Experimental seed production farm “Berezanskoye”

Short name: Farm “Berezanskoye”

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